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Can you get a loan? Here is some useful information on eligibility...

To get an Advanced Learning Loan, you need to ensure that you are eligible, so here are some guidelines to help...

  • You need to be aged 24 or over.
  • Studying at level 3 or above: QCF Certificates and Diplomas, access to HE, A-levels and advanced/higher apprenticeships.
  • This is NOT means tested, so evryone gets a chance to learn, no credit checks.
  • Not based upon prior attainment (for first loan).
  • You can get multiple loans to support your progression (but not at the same level or type).

How much could you get?

  • One application for the duration of your course. That could be up to 3 years!
  • You could get a minimum of £300 or up to the value of your providers fees.
  • For apprenticeships the funding rate takes account of the 50% employer contribution.

When do you need to pay back the loan?

  • If you are earning over £21,000 (Gross) per year.
  • You could voluntarily start paying back the loan if you wish.

How do you need to pay the loan back?

  • 9% of your income if you earn over £21,000 (Gross) Per year, irrespective of the loan ammount
  • Interest rates are linked to inflation

Some examples of income against pay back amounts:

advanced learning loan table

Under some circumstances the loan could be written off!

  • If your career income falls below £21,000 through unemployment, or a career break, you can start repaying when your income goes up.
  • Your outstanding loan balance could be written off after 30 years
  • When you retire



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